5 Things To Do and See in Dubrovnick

When you hear the word Dubrovnick, what crosses your mind?

Dubrovnik lies on the coast of Croatia, which itself is where the Balkans meet the Mediterranean. Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Adriatic” this city offers breathtaking views of both coast and ocean and accompanies them with the sounds of lively public squares and rushing waves. There’s a lot to discover in Dubrovnik, so a trip here warrants an extended stay. But just to get started, here are five of the most entertaining things to do after you arrive.

Here are our top five suggestions of things to do in Dubrovnick:

Morning produce

Morning produce at Dubrovnick

Morning Produce at Dubrovnik.

To start the day in true Dubrovnik fashion, make a beeline for Gundulic Square, where you’ll find an open-air market perfect to picking up fruits, vegetables and perhaps a craft or two to take home as a souvenir. The market is known as Gunduliceva Poljana, and it’s a great primer for the rest of your stay in the city.
The Morning Market ,is a great place to see the real people of Dubrovnik while they were in Gruž Market.

The city bus no. 7 runs from main bus station (close to the cruise terminal) via Gruz open market, Dubrovnik Court, Montovjerna, Iva Vojnovica street, Lapad bay until it reaches Babin Kuk. The fifth stop is just outside the Dubrovnik Court. From here you can easily walk to the commercial centre of Dubrovnik
Daily 06:30 – 15:00 – all the good stuff is sold very quickly at the start of the day

The Walls of Old Town

Walls of old town

Walls of old town

You can introduce yourself to Dubrovnik’s most popular attractions by taking a walking tour of Old Town via the city walls. They’re high enough to grant you stunning views of the Adriatic sea as well as the Old Port and the local homes. With a guide, you can cover the walls in about an hour and a half, and you’ll want to bring a camera along to snap photos of some of the views you won’t get anywhere else.

If you are planning to drive a car in Dubrovnik be aware that lots of streets are one way and sometimes you have to make a big circle around to get somewhere you would like to go. If you are not staying in Old Town, it’s relatively simple get there by bus, as just about every one leads to the Old Town. It costs 12 kn (just over €1) for tickets bought at any kiosk,or 15 kn bought on the bus; ticket valid for 1 hr.

Cafe Buza

Buza Bar

Buza Bar

Once you get your bearings in Old Town, head to the south side to partake in one of Dubrovnik’s best-kept secrets to date. Marked from the outside only by a small sign promising refreshing drinks and a great view, this locale is one of the best places to get a cocktail and healthy dose of sea breeze.

The really tricky part is to find the bar Buza. Quite easy way to find it is to start on the Gundulic square, go up the Jezuit stairs, take a left, when you find yourself under the City Walls, take a right following the Walls. When you see a “cold drinks” sign, follow the arrow and the entrance should be on your left within the next 20-30 meters. If you think that you are lost, just ask anyone for the “hole-in-the-wall” bar!

Braving the Adriatic by kayak

Pile Bay Kajak Tour

Pile Bay Kajak Tour

One of the most popular activities for tourists is to kayak the Adriatic Sea. This is a great way to tour parts of the city that you can’t see up close from the old walls, and if you’re on an extended vacation, consider it a well-deserved workout. Taking a guided tour will give you the chance to brave the open waters, even if you’re a beginner. But best of all, you could paddle to the nearby island of Lokrum, giving you yet another view of the city.

Your half day adventure at Adriatic Sea starts beneath ancient fort Lovrjenac in the small port called Pile, next to restaurant Orhan. After paddling around the island you will paddle across the bay until you reach hidden cave beach called Betina. After short break on the beach you will paddle along the cost toward the City walls. You will enjoy breathtaking views of the Pearl of the Adriatic from a different perspective.

Seafood at Restaurant Levanat

Restaurant at Dubrovnick

Restaurant at Dubrovnick

No trip is complete without eating like the locals, and this restaurant may be the prime spot to try some Croatian cuisine. Since the country’s fare is dominated by fish and shellfish, heading to a restaurant near the coast is a great way to get it as fresh as possible. You can enjoy it with the best of comfort food, such as a side of fries, or you can keep it light and delicious with a crisp salad.

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All buses to Babin Kuk pass from Levanat Restaurant.


Today, visitors come here for leisure, not to trade. The main draw is the charming pedestrian-only old town, packed with aristocratic palazzi and elegant Baroque churches, contained within sturdy medieval fortifications.

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